We are the future of Japanese Cuisine

The creative minds behind the Sushi King brand bring you an all-inclusive futuristic way to indulge yourself in the flavors of Japan.

Our Mission

To provide healthy dining options at an affordable price in a sustainable manner.

Our Values – The foundations on which Domoishi operates

How is Domoishi – Asian Food At It’s Finest?

We make yummy food

That is healthily balanced and freshly served with friendly prices

We value health and well-being

We are dedicated to developing new restaurant concepts

We set environmental food policy

We strive to reduce waste

We want to make healthy food accessible

Our goal is to make healthy and nutritious food that is affordable and accessible to everyone

Sushi Culture

We believe that our future is in the food we serve

The Japanese started eating three meals a day, rice was boiled instead of steamed, and of large importance, was the development of rice vinegar.

While sushi continued to be produced by fermentation of fish with rice, the addition of rice vinegar greatly reduced the time of fermentation

This was when the rice used began to be eaten along with the fish

Our Brands

Other Concepts We Support