Domoishi is a fast-growing Asian casual restaurant chain.  Domoishi offers a variety of addictive Asian favorites! Whether its fresh Ramen sourced from Japan, Hawaiian Poke bowls, Taiwan’s Bubble Teas, or our savory Korean style wings, your Asian food and beverage cravings will be completely satisfied! The exceptional quality and flavor will keep you coming back to Domoishi for more.

Our Value

Domoishi strives to be a leader in the fast casual restaurant market and recognizes that customers want great tasting food that is made with fresh quality ingredients and is delivered “fast”.  The founders spent years studying the best offerings from Asia and selected a menu that is excellent tasting, with fresh quality ingredients, that can be delivered quickly without compromising quality or flavor and offers healthy choices!

Domoishi has a simple motto “Customers deserve the best!”  We source the best materials and ingredients, many from the region of the world where the menu item originates.  Wanting the best for our customers even includes our carry out bags, provided for in restaurant leftovers and our online take out customers enjoyment. For consistency we have standardized all processes.  We train to and require all Domoishi crew members to follow them without exception.   We want Domoishi customers to always expect and experience the highest quality for their total fast-casual experience.  This also means having a clean, healthy, safe, and friendly restaurant environment.  Again, we train and require our Domoishi crews to meet all the highest standards!

Domoishi also endeavors to provide nutritious choices for our customers because we know that we are all more and more health conscious.  Healthy very tasty food is becoming everyone’s favorite.  As Asian cuisine has shown to the world for many years, our menu has healthy fare.  We have not completed the nutritional analysis, but we are confident that the Domoishi menu is calorie friendly, and our beverages are made with small amounts of sugar.  Our customers can even order with the amount of sugar they are comfortable with in their individual beverages.  In short healthy is an option!

When you walk into a Domoishi store we want our customers to feel at home and welcome!  You will not be disappointed.  You will be quickly served and enjoy the best Asian Fusion flavors that are always backed up with a friendly smile!