Domoishi is a fast growing Asian casual chain.  Domoishi offers a variety of addictive Asian favorites, whether you crave for fresh Ramen sourced from Japan, Poke bowl from Hawaii, Bubble Tea from Taiwan, or our savory Korean style wings, we will satisfy your deepest Asian hunger.

Our Value

Domoishi strives to be a leader in the fast casual market segment.  Domoishi deeply understands that customers want the best taste food that is healthy and delivered quickly.  The founders have spent years studying the best offerings from Asia, and refined the process so that American customers can get a treat!

Domoishi has a simle doctrine – Customers deserve the best!  We only source the best materials from their original places.  We try to standardize and adhere to the process as much as possible.  Even the packaging materials we source the best we can find.  In short, we want customers walking into a Domoishi store to feel home and welcomed.  And yes, customers can always enjoy the best Asian taste in a speedy fashion.

As Asian cuisine has shown to the world for many years, our offerings are healthy ones.  We have not done the scientific study yet, but we are quite confident to say that our offerings do not carry a huge amount of calories.  There are not much sugar in the drinks.  In short, healthy food is everyone’s favorite!